An Authentic Flavour

    There is nothing better and exciting than to try the real things. Sepulveda gives more than a simple lamb, it is a product which has been in our history.

    Gastronomía Segoviana


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The Lamb of Sepulveda: The Recipe

The ingredients: – A quarter of lamb of Sepulveda – A glass of water – Salt Instructions : Salt both sides of the lamb. First emplace the quarter of lamb in a platter of clay, the external side of the meat up and add a glass of water. Leave the lamb roasting between 1h00 and […]

The Cordero of Sepúlveda

  The Cordero of Sepulveda is a lamb from the Churra race and raised in the pastures-lands of the Duraton valley located around Sepulveda, Pedraza and the Hoces of Duraton. Several kind of lamb races exist in Spain like the Castellanas, Merinas, Ojaladas and few more. Why have we chosen the Churra race to cook […]